Instrumentation,  Hands-On Skills

  • Operation, Maintenance of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer
  • Operation, Maintenance of Ion Chromatograph (IC)
  • Operation, Maintenance of Ion Liquid Chromatograph (IC)
  • Operation, Maintenance of Flow Cytometer (FC)
  • Operation, Maintenance of UV/Vis Spectroscopy
  • Radiometery


  • Assimilable Organic Carbon (AOC) analysis
  • Biological Stability Analysis
  • UV fluence measurement (Actinometery)
  • Hydrogen peroxide measurement
  • Analytical titration
  • High Performance Size Exclusion Chromatography (HPSEC)
  • Disinfection by-products (DBPs) measurement
  • Enzyme immobilization on glass and polymeric surfaces
  • Organic Carbon Fractionation

Computer Skills

  • GaBi, Life cycle assessment Software
  • Flowjo, Cell analysis software
  • GPS-X, Waste water treatment design software
  • MATLAB programming
  • PolyMath
  • Microsoft Office (WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, etc)
  • Familiar with HYSYS